To Karsten Bach fur and fashion not only belong to the finer things in life – they are the very essentials! As a child he used to play in the back of his mother’s boutique doing glamorous sketches of ladies dressed in the fabric that dreams are made of and today Karsten Bach is living the dream of his own. With more than 20 years of experience from Copenhagen’s most renowned fur and fashion houses Bach Copenhagen was established in 2012 and in 2013 yet another affiliate was added to Karsten Bach’s luxurious universe of fur, fashion and accessories for women who want to be extraordinary in every way – every day. According to Karsten Bach’s philosophy we have an obligation to meet the world offering the best we possibly can and as such he is on a mission to help modern women dress for success and personal style without ever compromising on taste and quality. Thus all fur coats by Bach Copenhagen are designed to flatter the woman wearing it and produced at independent premium manufacturers in France and Greece where proud traditions, advanced techniques and ethics meet in an exquisite fur design that is 100% made in Europe. Alongside its iconic fur design the Bach Copenhagen salon at New Harbor offers high end fashion, jewelry, leather goods and accessories since impeccable style is all about details. At Bach Copenhagen Grey situated vis-à-vis Copenhagen’s legendary Hotel d’Angleterre the fur collection is complemented by red carpet collections from brands such as Hervé Leger, Zhor + Nema and Monique L’huillier, jewelry from Paris, cashmere from Florence and exclusive leather bags by Cosí.